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A horizon for people with liver diseases

A new platform for the design and development of novel biotechnological tools to promote liver regeneration and treat severe liver diseases.

Liver diseases, a global public health problem

Around 12.5 million individuals suffer from life-threatening liver diseases, yet an astonishing 60% of donated livers end up being wasted.
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We develop small molecules and biologics specifically designed for the treatment of liver diseases

Empowered by

Prolong, Preserve, and Restore

Our technology solutions are designed to delay or avoid liver transplantation (in vivo approach) and to preserve and even recover organs for transplantation (ex vivo approach)

In vivo

• Acute on chronic liver failure/ decompensated cirrhosis

• Acute liver failure

• Small-for-size syndrome

• Liver cancer, liver metastasis

Classic pathway to gain drug regulatory approval

Ex vivo

• Liver graft conditioning before transplant

• Rescue or reconditioning of marginal grafts (to increase pool of donor livers)

• Extracorporeal use (perfusion machine)

Shortened pathway to gain drug regulatory approval.

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